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AO-22_Cimarron.gif (37962 bytes)

This view looks like the ship just returned from Westpac. She looks as though we had just cleaned out the fuel storage  tanks. Maybe a little tired after nine months in Korea and Japan.

ship-1.jpg (39931 bytes)

An aerial view of the ship. 

Had a nice full view picture of the ship but it burned in a house fire. If anyone has a better picture. Send me an email.


ship-3.jpg (9749 bytes)

ship-4.jpg (3001 bytes)

ship-2.jpg (83860 bytes)

AO-22_Cimarron-boilerm.gif (109049 bytes)

Looks like the boiler room. Since I am a deck guy I don't remember much about the engine room other than the heat and noise.

captains barge.jpg (256451 bytes)

from the stern.jpg (496553 bytes)

coming into port.jpg (172618 bytes)

fuel docks sasebo.jpg (189958 bytes)

Fuel docks. Sasebo, Japan

north koreans.jpg (191736 bytes)

Captured North Koreans who tried to mine our ship in Wonsan harbor.

north koreans-2.jpg (21812 bytes)

Close-up of the North Koreans who tried to mine the Cimarron in Wonsan Harbor

sampan.jpg (234238 bytes)

Sam-pan, I believe in Hong Kong



starboard side.jpg (238971 bytes)


terminal island.jpg (362877 bytes)

Believe this is Terminal Island near Long Beach. The sky-line looks a-lot different today. Remember the smell of fish from the canneries ?

unload shells.jpg (254332 bytes)

Unloading spent shells. 

Sister Ship ESTABULA.jpg (122323 bytes)

This is a picture of the tragic accident aboard the Astabula (AO--51) in Sasebo harbor. The Cimarron was on its way back to the states when we got the news and had to return to Japan. 

Thirteen of our fellow sailors were killed and eight were wounded. 

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Some pictures contributed by Ed Cleary, Jr. Thanks!




1940 1 yr old




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