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kasbah.jpg (108920 bytes)

The Kasbah in Sasebo, 1953. Went through boot camp at Great Lakes with some of these guys but their name elude me. Can anyone help?

6guys-1girl.jpg (17922 bytes)

Sasebo, 1953. Six sailors and one girl. Having fun.

Remember the sailor on the far right tried to shave with leg hair remover one time and burned his face. 

me-girl sas54.jpg (32010 bytes)

Remember this picture being taken but don't remember her name. 

By this time had switched from the deck force to damage control.

bill hasket.jpg (38074 bytes)

One of these gentleman is named Bill Hasket. It is written on the back of the photo.

eclub-sasebo.jpg (98745 bytes)

frs eclub-sasebo.jpg (60696 bytes)

The Enlisted Men's Club in Sasebo, Japan.

Someone help me with the name of the guy on the left. (nickname Goony-Bird.

Ed Kelly in the center, ? on right.


chili-me.jpg (52151 bytes)nolte-okeefe-hong kong.jpg (44460 bytes)


Hong Kong liberty in 1954

Chili was the coolest guy around. He always got the best looking girls and everyone was jealous of him. We always thought he would end up in the movies.

sasebo landing.jpg (20246 bytes)

Fleet Landing at Sasebo, Japan. Going on liberty was fine. Usually we had to fight our way to our boats on the way back. Remember, they kept the U.S. and other sailors separated. 

sailor n girl.jpg (264573 bytes)

Remember this gentleman but can't remember his name. 

Liberty Picture thanks to
Ed Kelly, DC3
Know any of these guys?

Another Picture from Ed Kelly
Liberty in Tijuana, Mexico




Check back often. More photo's to come ....................