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Don't know who these guys are but I remember their faces Looks like we are kicking back after a long day of chipping paint. I do remember those pipes and the hundred times I tripped over them. Also remember climbing into those tanks and hauling out hundreds of buckets of rust on our way back to the states from WestPac. I guess cleaning out those tanks was the dirtiest job in the navy.

baldy.jpg (43379 bytes)

Don't remember the name but remember the face and bald head.

2guys.jpg (395740 bytes)

Don't know the names of these two gentlemen. The piece of machinery behind them is a wench we used to keep the hose lines at just the right tension during fueling at sea. I did that at age 17. Can't imagine giving my high school students that much responsibility today.

Captain Jukes


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Garrel Shelton GM3.jpg (180686 bytes)

Garrel Shelton, GM3


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Frank Schneemann


mess duty.jpg (402321 bytes)

Mess duty. Work in the galley serving food at meal time. Not bad duty, better than chipping paint all day.


4 guysB.jpg (463227 bytes)

Who ?

Guy in the middle is Garrel Shelton

Ed Kelly and ? in the Metal Shop.

Thanks for the picture, Ed.

From Garrell Shelton, thanks.

QM3, Ed Cleary



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